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Breast Cancer During Pregnancy

Breast cancer has become one of the common disease in women . Out of every 3000 women , one women is expected to have breast cancer . Situation become worse when a women is diagnosed with breast cancer during pregnancy. During pregnancy , breasts naturally undergoes through various changes , that is why it becomes difficult to diagnose breast cancer at the time of pregnancy .

Although Due to Medical advancements, it is completely possible to treat breast cancer, it gets diagnosed at the early stages. but During pregnancy, the situation for doctors also becomes complex as the need to protect both mother and baby.

How to recognize Breast cancer at the time of Pregnancy?

As we told earlier the diagnosis of breast cancer during pregnancy is a bit difficult due to the normal changes in the breast, few of the changes are similar to the symptoms of cancer, such as hardness in the breasts. However, the doctor may advise you to have your breasts tested along with a pregnancy test. If the test finds any kind of knot in your breasts, then they will ask you to do an ultrasound of the breasts and not mammography as that can be to be harmful to the fetus.

Does Cancer Affect The Baby?

When Breast cancer is diagnosed, everyone starts worrying about the health of the child. But researches have proved that it does not have an immediate effect on the child. If cancer cells pass through the placenta, they are destroyed by the developing immune system of the infant. Although there are very few cases when it happened that cancer cells have transferred from mother to child. On the other hand, the method by which the mother is treated can prove to be dangerous for the child. Chemotherapy and radiation may have an adverse effect on the baby, in such a situation doctors decide to start treatment after delivery.

Is Chemotherapy Safe in Pregnancy?

Although Chemotherapy is considered safe, it should be avoided in the first trimester of pregnancy as it may affect the child adversely. it is advised to start chemotherapy in the second and third trimester and should end the procedure at least 25 days before delivery

What Are The Other Treatment Option Of Breast Cancer in Pregnancy?

Treatment of Cancer in pregnancy depends on various factors like size of tumor and theath what stage your pregnancy is. If cancer is diagnosed at early stage it can be treated by surgery taking in care that it does not affects baby.

Normally, There are two types of surgery in this treatment:


b) breast preserving surgery.

In mastectomy surgery, the breast is totally removed so that it does not affect the baby. However, if you choose breast-conserving surgery, then you will have to follow other radiation and chemotherapy as well. Radiotherapy is another treatment for breast cancer that is not considered safe during pregnancy. For this, doctors wait till delivery.

Can You Breastfeed?

Generally Breastfeeding is not considered a safe option after chemotherapy as some chemotherapy drugs can get mixed with the breast milk and can be harmful for the baby

In such a situation one needs to take Consult with her doctor, In most cases, doctors do not allow breastfeeding for up to 3-4 months of Chemotherapy

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