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Benefits of Neem

Everyone is familiar with Neem (Azadirachta indica) tree. it is mostly known for its bitterness. Even being bitter, there are various health benefits of neem. It has been used as a major medical herb in Ayurveda and also called “Neemba” in Sanskrit, Neem has been used for almost the last 5000 years to treat various disease due to its amazing medical properties. Due to its anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, it is widely used for skin treatment and blood purification.

Initially, neem was used for medical purposes only in Indian Subcontinent but later it spread to Africa and South -America also. Nowadays various Multinational Cosmetics Companies are also using Neem as the main ingredient in their products.

Neem is widely used in soaps and shampoos to get rid of dandruff, it is also used in face creams to treat acne and pimples. In India, neem twigs are also used as toothbrushes. Hence Neem has various Medical benefits, Here are the Major uses of Neem.

Different Health Benefits of Neem –

1. Neem For Skin Infections –

Applying Neem face pack helps in cleaning the skin tone as it contains antioxidants that reduce the production of melanin (which is responsible for dark skin tone). it also removes inflammation and prevents skin infection.

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Benefits of Neem
Skin Infection

Other benefits of neem for our skin – Neem is a natural toner,

a) Boil a few neem leaves until they become soft.
b) Meanwhile you will notice that water will turn green due to neem leaves.
c) Sieve this water and mix it in your bathwater.
d) Regular bathing with this water for at least 1 week will start showing effects and hence will protect you from all kinds of skin infections.

2. Neem For Teeth –

The health of teeth is as important as that of other parts of the body. Neem is very beneficial for the health of teeth. In ancient India, most of the people used Neem daatun (a natural brush) to clean the teeth.. Although this method is very old but is effective today also. Neem oil is also helpful in treating gum disease. Most of the toothpaste companies, nowadays have started promoting “neem toothpaste”, which shows that it is effective in the modern era also

Benefits of Neem

a) Works as Disinfectant
Many times teeth are not cleaned properly even with toothbrushes. Because of this, teeth with worms need to be removed. If you don’t want to have a worm in your teeth, then you should clean your teeth with a neem toothbrush every morning. If you clean the teeth regularly with neem, there will never be any problem worm related problems in your teeth as neem works as a disinfectant.

b) Gingival strength
One advantage of cleansing teeth daily with neem teeth is that it makes the gums strong. By gently rubbing and massaging datun brush on your gums, you can have stronger gums and will prevent you from all type of oral infection.

c) Natural mouth freshener
Different types of mouth fresheners come in the market, but Neem’s Datun is a natural mouth freshener. If there is a bad smell in your mouth, neem can fix it. Do datun daily from at least five minutes to 15 minutes. If you do not rinse for one to two minutes after tooth, then the effect is more. You can do it routinely twice a day( morning and at night.)

3. Neem Benefits For Stomach

Benefits of Neem

Many people face problems of constipation. Daily consumption of neem leaves can make your stomach absolutely clean. Neem leaves are rich in fiber that helps in digesting food and also removes stomach acidity. For this, you can chew daily 1-2 neem leaf in the morning.

4. Immunity Booster –

These days people are very worried about low immunity. There is no need to take very expensive medicines or supplements to increase immunity as they can have short term and long term side effects also.

If you take soft neem leave early in the morning on a daily basis it will help in increasing your immunity level. Neem leaves have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, properties, due to which it gives strength to the immune system of your body to fight against external viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc.

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Benefits of Neem

5 . Blood Purifying –

In Ayurveda Neem has been used for purification of blood , that is why it is suggested for teenage girls and boys , as intake of Neem will prevent them from have acne and pimples which occurs during adolescent period. it also helps in purification of liver and kidney and removes toxic elements from the body.

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