Tue. Mar 2nd, 2021
food for sexual drive

Low Sexual energy or low libido is an indication of poor health. It occurs due to several reasons but a few of the common reasons that can be noticed today are mental stress, smoking, lack of exercise, etc. Sometimes the problem also occurs due to stress in job or relationship issues but one should not let it go just by simply ignoring it as it can have a drastic effect on your overall life in the future.

If you are worried about your sexual health, you should take consideration of your overall health as our whole body system is connected to each other

5 Food That Can Increase Your Sex Drive

1. Banana

Banana is considered as one of the best food to reactivate sexual energy instantly. It contains potassium and carbohydrates that increase blood circulation in the genital area.

food for sexual drive

Banana is also good for prostate health. It contains manganese and magnesium which is mostly found low in men hence it is necessary for men. Banana also contains tryptophan which is helpful in releasing Serotonin that is why it is also called the Pleasure Hormone.

2. Carrot –

Carrot is one of the best food to improve sexual drive, it increases the quality of sperm and raises sperm count. Other Benefits of carrots. It increases libido because the beta-carotene present in it helps in balancing the blood circulation in body. One should include carrot in his daily diet to get rid of low libido problem.

Food for sexual drive

3. Spinach –

Spinach contains folic acid and magnesium which increases sexual urges in the body. It increases blood flow in the sexual organs of the body which helps in increasing performance on bed. If you feel tired or down on bed, you must add spinach to diet to boost your sexual drive.

Food for sexual drive

4. Onion –

Onion is considered as aphrodisiac food as it increases sexual drive .it can be taken as a salad or in juice form . Regular intake of onion can cure many kind of sexual weekness in the body . Onion juice can be used to treat erectile dysfunction.

Food for sexual drive

you can take 1 tablespoon of onion juice daily as a medicine to cure early discharge problems . if you continue to take onion juice regularly for one month you will have increased sexual potency.

5. Garlic –

Garlic is used to increase the taste of various cuisines, but it is not only known for its delicious taste but also for its nutritious value. garlic is considered one of the best food to boost the sexual drive in just a few minutes. that is why saints and monks used to restrain from garlic as it was considered as “tamasic” food.

Food for sexual drive

Garlic contains acillin, which is helpful in increasing sexual drive in both men and women. for women it is considered as estrogen rich food. estrogen is a harmone that is responsible for developing sexual urge in women

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