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food for pregant

During Pregnancy, it is necessary for a woman to have a proper diet as to keep both mother and baby healthy. it is obvious to have a hormonal change in the body of the mother during child-bearing which may bring some challenges to the mother. For that, she needs to take care of her diet as a proper diet plan will help her in coping up with the challenges and will also ensure the health of the baby.

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At the time of pregnancy, the nutrition requirement of the body increases due to growth in the fetus. In ancient times there was a famous saying ” A pregnant woman should eat double of her diet” as she also needs to fulfill the nutritious requirement of the baby. Baby gets nutrition from the mother through the umbilical cord, so it the responsibility of the mother to have a proper diet not only for her health but also for the baby’s health.

Here are Top 5 food for pregnant Women –

These are the five best food a pregnant woman should include in her diet. This includes multigrain, vegetables, dry fruits, dairy products.

1. Multi grain –

Multigrains are considered as one the best source of protients especially for those who do not eat meat. it includes many grains that is why it is called ” Multi-Grain”. Multigrain flour is prepared by grind Wheat, millet, jowar, barley and maize, soya bean, and rice. it is also rich in fiber which is also helpful in digestion.

Food for Pregnant

a) A Multigrain Flour fulfills the multiple nutrition requirements of the body simultaneously, that is why it is considered a better food supplement than single grain flour especially for pregnant women.

b) Including it in your diet, you can get essential micro-nutrients on a single plate.

2. Dry Fruits –

Proper nutrition during pregnancy can help keep you remain healthy and your baby’s overall development, which is very important for the development of the child’s brain. For good nutrition, it is recommended to eat dry fruits like walnuts and dried apricots during pregnancy. However, researchers are not confirmed that at which month a pregnant woman should start the intake of dry fruits. Therefore, before including dry fruit in your diet during pregnancy, one must always consult a doctor first.

Food for Pregnant

a) Iron deficiency during pregnancy can cause anemia (lack of blood) and low birth weight problems in the baby. Dry fruits are rich in iron ,therefore intake of few dry fruits on a daily basis can ensure both mother and baby’s health.

b)Consuming dry fruits such as walnuts during pregnancy helps in developing the memory and learning ability of the baby.

3. Dairy Products –

Food for Pregnant
Dairy products

During pregnancy, both mother and child need a high amount of Calcium as it helps in the bone development of the baby. dairy products are also the best source of proteins and Vitamin-D (helps in the development of teeth of the baby).

4.Vegetables –

Pregnancy requires more iron than normal days. And part from dry fruits this need can be met with green leafy vegetables. Therefore, green vegetables should be eaten as much as possible in pregnancy.

At the same time, by eating vegetables, the baby also develops properly so that its weight is balanced at birth. also prevents Pregnant women from the risk of anemia and control blood pressure.

Food for Pregnant

Here are some Nutritional Information of Vegetables

a) Sweet potato: Considered as a good source of vitamins A, B, and C.
b) Beetroot: Contains a high amount of fiber and vitamins which Boosts the immunity system.
c) Capsicum: Contains Fiber and Vitamins.
d) Broccoli: considered as one of the best food for pregnant women because it is rich in vitamin folate, Vitamin C&K. It also removes the constipation problem.
e) Peas: Rich in vitamin C and K and fiber.
f) Green leafy vegetables: rich in folate, carotenoids, and fiber

5. Liquid –

During pregnancy, a mother’s body is always in need of water as she takes a lot of food to complete the nutrition for herself and baby. so there may occur a chance where the body may feel dehydrated, so it is important for a mother to increase the liquid intake

One should include home made fresh juice in her diet in the morning , you can also add coconut water (considered best beverage for rehydrating body quickly ) as a liquid supplement .

Food for Pregnant
Orange Juice

a) Orange Juice – Orange is highly rich in Vitamin C, it is very beneficial for both pregnant mother and her baby. Vitamin C helps in strengthening the immune system of the body, that is why it is recommended for pregnant women to have 1 glass of fresh orange juice daily in the morning

b) Beet juice – During the pregnancy, a woman may face various blood-related problems, Beet juice is very beneficial for preventing blood-deficiency issues and also balance the blood pressure levels.

c) coconut water – Drinking coconut water in the first trimester of pregnancy is very beneficial . it not only helps to relieve nausea, constipation, and fatigue but also helps in boosting immunity and keeps the body hydrated.

Coconut water during pregnancy is also helpful in maintaining blood pressure and improves the digestive system of the body.

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