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satvik diet

The term “Satvik” is derived from Sanskrit word “satva”, which means pure. In Ayurveda food is divided into three main categories based on their quality and effects on the body. The other two categories are rajasic (that increases the energy and tamasic diet (that reduces the energy) , whereas the satvik diet also called yogic diet maintains the energy balance in the body.

Satvik diet mostly contains seasonal fruits and dairy products. it is always a vegetarian diet (excludes a few vegetables also) as it is also a symbol of truth, non-violence, and tolerance. In Ayurveda, it is believed that “what you are, what you eat ” i.e if someone eats Non-vegetarian food, that they are more likely to become violent. Although this ancient belief has not been proven by modern science, But in India, this ancient philosophy is widely accepted, that is why people today also prefer to choose vegetarian food

Satvik food

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Qualities of Satvik Diet

Here are the few qualities of Satvik food , based on these qualities you can determine if a food is satvik or not.

a. A complete Vegetarian food (excluding Garlic and onion as they are responsible for increasing “tamasic “energy and comes under tamasic food.

b. Food that can digests easily with the help of digestive juices released .

c. Food that is fresh and full of Nutritions

Satvik Diet

Satvik diet is also beneficial for Diabetic and High Blood pressure patients as it does not contains less amount of spices, oil, and Sweeteners. if you want to live long and healthy, you should start following satvik diet. Most of the dieticians also suggest satvik food to remains healthy in the long go.

Benefits Of Following Satvik Diet Plan

a. Helps in Reducing Weight.

b. Easy to digest

c. Helps in maintaining Blood sugar levels

d. Beneficial for Blood pressure patients.

e. Generates Positive energy in mind.

f. Maintaines Mind-Body Equilibrium

A satvik diet is a complete package for living a healthy and peaceful life, it keeps you away from a lot of diseases and brings happiness and positivity to mind, that is why it is called a yogic diet. However, due to the hustling lifestyle, it may become difficult to follow, but you can follow it on weekends or holidays.

FAQs Related to Satvik Food:

1.Are All Vegetables Comes under Satvik food Category ?

No, not all vegetables come under Satvik food category, Vegetables like Onion, Garlic, mushroom comes under the category of tamasic food.

2. Is Coffee a Satvik Beverage?

No, Coffee is not a Satvik beverage . Not only coffee , but also tea and other beverage containing addictive elements are not Satvik at all.

3. Are Lemons Satvik?

Yes Fruits , like Lemons , grapes and oranges comes under Satvik food category.

4. Is Peanut a Satvik Diet ?

No , Peanuts are not considered a Satvik diet as peanuts are difficult to digest and makes our body lazy

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