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effects of tamasic food

Earlier we discussed Satvik Diet which is considered a pure yogic diet in Ayurveda. Now we all know that Satvik foods increase the positive energy flow in the body but there are few kinds of food that increase the negative flow of energy in the body, such kind of foods are called Tamasic food as they contain “tamas guna (Sanskrit word)” which contains the property of lethargy, darkness, and ignorance in it. It is believed that Tamasic food increases anger, confusion, depression, and anxiety in the body.

Tamasic Food

List of Tamasic food

In Ayurveda, it is believed “what we eat is what we become” i.e if we eat satvik food our body will also emit “sattva guna” but if we eat tamasic food our mind and body will reflect “tamas guna” in our personality. Here is the list of a few tamasic foods which we should definitely avoid to stay fit in long run.

  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Alcohol
  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Junk food (Pizza, Burger, Sandwiches )
  • Mushroom
  • Vinegar
  • Food with excess butter
  • Microwaved food
  • Coffee & Tea
  • Ultra Processed Food (may even lead to Cancer, Check BBC Report

Many Doctors says that a person who eats “Tamasic food” on a daily basis are more prone to age faster. That is why a person who wants to achieve longevity is suggested to include satvik food in his/her diet.

Effects of Tamasic Food On Our Mind and Body.

Garlic -Highly tamasic food
Garlic- A Highly Tamasic Food

Ayurveda Medical system believes that a person who eats Tamasic food on regular basis does harm to both his mind & body as ayurdeva philosophy teaches that the kind of food we consume influences our thoughts and action. To attain peace and enlightenment one should stay away from the intake of tamasic food. Such kind of food is also responsible for various mental disorders. Various Researches in the past have proved that Burgers, Pizza, and sandwiches can be very harmful to our mental health.

Reason Why Teenagers Must Avoid Tamasic Foods.

We have already mentioned a short list of Tamasic food in the previous paragraph. Tamasic food restricts the overall Mind-Body development of teenagers as such foods do not have high nutritious value and do nothing to lift positive energy in our body. You may have seen many people around you with a lethargic body, facing obesity and diabetes problems in their 30’s also having a negative attitude towards life, such kind of people most of the times consume tamasic food. Whereas, you might also have seen people who avoid tamasic food and most of the time consume fresh fruits and vegetables, such people are found more happy and lively. Therefore teenagers must avoid tamasic food and should start to include satvik foods in their diet plan to have the right attitude towards life.

Effects of tamasic food on a Pregnant Woman

 effects of tamasic food during pregnancy

if a mother consumes tamasic food during pregnancy, it directly affects to foetus . As tamasic food is full of negative energy, the foetus may face intense Spritual distress . That is why it is suggested to a pregnant woman to consume satvik diets like sprouts , fresh vegetables, and fruits, unprocessed food so that baby can have strong mind and body.

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